What is
prostate SPACING?

Radiation therapy is a standard form of care

for treating prostate cancer, and technological advancements have resulted in more accurate and precise treatment planning than ever before. Radiation therapy uses energy beams to ablate (destroy) and stop the spread of cancer cells. These high energy beams can reach and negatively affect the organs surrounding the prostate. Due to its close proximity to the prostate, the rectum is the primary organ at risk for radiation exposure. Risks and side effects of advanced radiation therapy treatment for prostate cancer include bowel problems such as rectal pain, burning, and/or diarrhea.

BARRIGEL creates stable space between the prostate and the rectum, moving the healthy organ out of radiation beam exposure.

The seminal vesicles are also at risk for radiation exposure which can negatively impact sexual function. Unlike other spacing products, BARRIGEL is a sculptable gel which allows your physician to carefully and effectively sculpt the spacer to your anatomy. This allows optimal placement and coverage of the area surrounding the prostate, including the area around the seminal vesicles.